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Tap Grocer


The only grocery list app that keeps a persistent inventory. 

Unlike other grocery list apps, Tap Grocer is designed to take the work out of building your grocery list. There is no need to retype your list each time. It keeps track of items in your pantry or refrigerator. Items that run out are automatically added to your grocery list. 

The app is intentionally kept simple. It was not built to show you ads for grocery items or to peddle coupons. It was built to create grocery lists and to do so in a way that is faster than using pen and paper. 


  • Automatic inventory management. Crossed off items are automatically marked as stocked. 
  • Super fast inventory and grocery list search 
  • Arrange items via drag and drop 
  • Group items by grocery sections 
  • Fully customizable sections, can be rearranged via drag and drop 
  • Item notes or description 
  • Item quantities 
  • Custom units for item quantities
  • Share and automatically sync grocery list via email 
  • Icon badge showing the number of items that are currently out of stock 
  • Preloaded with common sections and items, for your convenience